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22 Dec 2015

Recruitment Consultant Salary Guide in Singapore

Many people wrote to me on the topic on what are the salary range for a recruitment consultant as they would like to have a benchmark so that when they were to ask for the expected salary, their asking range will not be too far off the market range. Before

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20 Nov 2015

The Major Shift in Recruitment Methods Focusing on Social Media

Looking for a job! These days’ Social media websites helps you with not just finding long lost friends but in getting a job as well. It is interesting to observe the way in which recruiters have exploited these “social” networks to reach out to a wider audience, the way job-seekers

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27 Aug 2015

Recruiters – How You Can Use WORDS to Close More SALES

Recruiters have many tools at their disposal: the Internet, telephones, Linkedin, emails, resumes, reference materials, client and applicant files, etc.  But all of them pale to the most powerful tool of all: WORDS!  They will make the difference between failure and unbelievable success! Since recruiters rely on the telephone and emails

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02 Jul 2015

The Impact on the Market after Financial Success in Recruitment Industry Was Written.

The Impact on the Market After Financial Success in Recruitment Industry Was Written Many years ago, when I was writing the manual Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, I never realized the tremendous impact it would have on the industry and me. Many people have bought the manual – Financial Success in

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28 Jun 2015

Social Media – Important both For Employee and Employers

Social Media – Important both For Employee and Employers Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even the lesser popular ones like PerfectBusiness, Upspring, CoFoundr etc are today’s world new recruitment tools. As per a survey conducted by Jobvite, there are 92% recruiters who use or plan to use

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28 Jun 2015

Recruitment Consultants Winning Formula In-depth Review

Whether you are a recruitment consultant who is just getting started or you have been in the game for eons, the Recruitment Consultants Winning Formula is one book that you simply cannot afford to pass on. There are plenty of books in circulation from self-proclaimed gurus claiming to have knowledge

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For Job Seekers

02 Nov 2015

3 Secrets That You Ought to Know About Your Headhunter

Jobseekers turn to headhunters for help. Companies who are in need of talent turn to headhunters to fill their job vacancies. Nowadays, headhunters are the most sought after individuals in the industries. They have the connections, the skill and the huge candidate and client database that no one does. You

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11 Jul 2015

How to Create Unlimited PASSION for Your Job.

Imagine that you are a candidate looking for a job, and the recruitment consultant who is assisting you to source for a job looks “DEAD” and talks like a “ZOMBIE.” Would you feel great or feel excited about the offering given by the recruitment consultant? Unlikely, isn’t it? Do you

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07 Jul 2015

6 Methods to Find a Job Via LinkedIn

In today’s era, entire working has shifted from offline mode to online mode. In such cases, how can we forget the recruitment process, which is the crux to the success and survival of every organization? Almost every organization has started recruiting through various job portals and social networking sites. One

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04 Jul 2015

Smart Ways to Find Jobs Using LinkedIn

A Linkedin Marketing article by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru Today jobs are limited and we have to face cut-throat competition to find reasonable jobs. Thanks to social networking website that has made this thing easy and now people can find out their jobs without any difficulty, i.e. LinkedIn. As we know,

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25 Jun 2015

How to Use Linkedin For Your Job Search

How to Use Linkedin For Your Job Search An article by The Recruitment Guru – Dougles Chan. Author of Job Seekers Power Manual,Financial Success in Recruitment Industry & Recruitment Consultant Winning Formula. In today’s world, the trend of online recruiting has been attaining a great matter of importance. It is impressive news

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24 Jun 2015

How to Use Twitter to Secure a Great Job

The more the number of followers on twitter the more popular you are. This is the latest trend that is being followed all over the world. It helps people to advance their career as well. The reason for this is these days most corporates and headhunters are using twitter to

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