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26 May 2016

How to Find Recruitment Agency Clients in the Gulf Countries Such as Saudi and Qatar

  Some weeks back, I received an email from someone seeking assistance in the search for clients in the Gulf areas. We can actually learn a few things from this example. Here is the letter below; identity and user information have been deleted for confidentiality. Dear Chan, Hope this mail

25 May 2016

How to Create Unlimited PASSION for Your Job

Imagine that you are a candidate looking for a job, and the recruitment consultant who is assisting you to source for a job looks “DEAD” and talks like a “ZOMBIE.” Would you feel great or feel excited about the offering given by the recruitment consultant? Unlikely, isn’t it? Do you

24 May 2016

5 Tips for Handling a Business Crisis

If running a successful business was really that easy, everyone would be doing it. Everywhere you turn, you would see one successful businessperson after another, making millions and leading that lavish lifestyle. In reality, however, things are very different and running a business requires a lot of skills, immeasurable commitment

24 May 2016

How to Brand Yourself as a Professional Recruitment Consultant/Recruiter

Many recruitment consultants/recruiters who are working for a recruitment agency or working for themselves have never thought that self-branding was very important in their ultimate success or failure in the industry. When I talk to many consultants and owners in the recruitment industry, I always ask them two basic questions

24 May 2016

Best 5 Data Recovery Service Center in Singapore

Hard disk crashed? Unable to recover your laptop or computer data? Need a professional helping hands to receover your data? Here are some of the best 5 data recover center that are able to help you. Formally branded as “Laptop General Hospital”, Digital Hospital is the trade-in vendor

23 May 2016

40 Great Tips for Recruiters

Want To Become a Great Recruiter? Here are 40 great tips to help you become a super recruiter: Make sure your presentation skills are very good; without good presentation skills, you will not survive very long in this industry. Learn your industry very well; excessive learning is always good. Always

22 May 2016

Achiever Global – Is it a Great Name for a Recruitment Agency?

The NAME is everything. If you were to choose a wrong name, no matter how hard and far you want to push your company sales and brand, there is always a limitation; however, if you are able to choose a good name, not only it is easier to remember, but

21 May 2016

Are You Ready to be the Boss of a Recruitment Agency? (Part 1)

This article, I am pretty sure, will trigger a lot of attention, as there are two groups of people who will be very interested. On one side, we have the existing recruiters who most likely want to become their own boss, and on the other side, the existing recruitment agencies’

20 May 2016

Age Should Never Be the Issue When Doing Job Hunting

Sometime ago, I came across a candidate who was 50+ years old and was looking for a sales job. I felt obligated to interview him, as I always believe that everyone should have an equal chance, but I am not too sure other employers would be open enough to hire

19 May 2016

How to Make a Million Dollars as a Headhunter

How to Make a Million Dollars as a Headhunter The MILLION DOLLAR question: How do you make it as a headhunter? I am sure that many headhunters or potential headhunters will want to know how to do it. Below are some of the paths you will need to take to

18 May 2016

How to Become a Good Recruitment Consultant—In the Eyes of the Candidates

GOOD CONSULTANTS? Apparently many recruitment consultants in the market are facing the impression that they are lousy consultants in such a way that many candidates are very unwilling to find a job via a recruitment consultant. Well, to be very fair, not all consultants are lousy; there are many good

17 May 2016

8 Things You Need To Know To Achieve Success In Business

To be able to achieve success in business, it is not just joining another affiliate program or Internet marketing program that can make you as RICH as many people claim. Yes, there might be people who do get rich overnight, but don’t bet on things that you are not familiar

website slider for employment agency in singapore (12)
16 May 2016

Website slider Photos for employment agency in Singapore

Website slider for employment agency in Singapore, for more employment agencies in Singapore, click on the link.

iphone 5 repair wallpaper plus Singapore (6)
16 May 2016

iphone 6 Singapore Wallpaper for Users

iphone 6 Singapore Wallpaper for Users, for repair iphone singapore. Check the link.

iphone 5 repair singapore (10)
16 May 2016

iphone 5 or 6 repair Singapore wallpaper and graphics for web designers

iphone 5 or 6 repair Singapore wallpaper and graphics for web designers. For iphone repair, click here.

16 May 2016

8 Really Wrong Ways To Go About Job Searching

  If you have been looking for a work-at-home job and not getting a lot of results, you may be going about your job search in the wrong way. Even with a perfect resume and a lot of experience, that in itself isn’t enough to land you a job if

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15 May 2016

8 Key Things You Need to Do to Be Successful in Anything in Your Life

Many people have asked me how I came back from million-dollar losses and bounced back when I was really down and out a few years ago. Those are the days when you see who your real friends are and who your “unreal” friends are. It is very sad when you

14 May 2016

8 Key Reasons Why You Can’t Find a Job

8 Key Reasons Why You Can’t Find a Job For many, finding a job is tough. Garnered from years of experience in interviewing thousands of candidates, below are what I have found to be the key reasons why a candidate will not be able to get a job. I hope

13 May 2016

6 Proven Ways to Generate New Clients for a Recruitment Agency

Want to get more clients for your recruitment agency? Here are some practical tips that really work. I have compiled six proven ways to get new clients for your recruitment agency. All of them have been used and tested during my many years of advising clients and training recruitment consultants.

12 May 2016

6 Methods to Find a Job Via LinkedIn

In today’s era, entire working has shifted from offline mode to online mode. In such cases, how can we forget the recruitment process, which is the crux to the success and survival of every organization? Almost every organization has started recruiting through various job portals and social networking sites. One

12 May 2016

Data Recovery Wallpaper for Laptops & Tablets

Data Recovery Wallpaper for Laptops Singapore & Tablets in .                            overy

motivational quotes for top digital marketing agencies singapore (69)
12 May 2016

Inspirational quotes for Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Inspirational quotes for Digital Marketing Agency Singapore.

motivational quotes for top digital marketing agency singapore (15)
12 May 2016

Motivational Quotes for Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Motivational Quotes for Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore, details, click here.  

28 Apr 2016

Content Marketing – Do It Yourself or Hire Pros?

A modern business needs to be present online; there is no doubt about this. Even if your company is really small and operates within an industry that is not exactly groundbreaking, you will still need a blog and some content to make people notice your business online. The question that

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