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Latest Advanced Recruitment Strategies

mail-bomber-recruitmentMB Recruitment

MB which stands for Mail Bomber, is an email marketing software that allows you to send personalized emails to individual in a single click, while merging recruitment process into it, it had become very powerful and potent that any recruitment agency or recruiter who get holds of it will be able to recruit almost anybody in a very short period …. more

parsing-recruitmentParsing Recruitment

Parsing is a common term use by using a platform to upload a candidate CV/Resume into a system and automatically extract their information into the database without the user doing any manual data entry, especially for recruiters or HR manager who are handling hundreds or thousands of resumes within a month, it save hundreds of man-hours and makes the manager more efficient while tracking of candidates is so easy as ABC….more

database-recruitmentDatabase Recruitment 

Think of having your own database of 100,000 or even 1,000,000 candidates at your fingertips and able to source for almost any candidates you wanted by just keying in the specific keywords, a list of potential candidates will be right in front of your screen for your to choose from….


Psychology Recruitment 

What? Recruitment also need psychology? Yes indeed, by using the right method of psychology, not only you are able to attract more people to apply to your job advertisements, invite more people for interviews and also more people willing to join your firm….


branding-recruitmentBranding Recruitment

What does BRANDING got to do with recruitment? It sure does. Who will be joined you or whether they will be interested to join your company will also depends on your “BRAND” itself. Even if you are not a branded company, you also will be able to create some brands for your company or yourself to make the potential candidate eagerly wanted to join you, here’s what you need to do…

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